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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
look at the vids i posted. they all lead with the elbow. can you show me one vid of any current male pro that doesn't take back with leading elbow?

it's called flying because the racquet head is in front of the hand/elbow after separation. like sampras. and the elbow is still going back hence the 'flying'. in modern fhs the elbow goes back and then the racquet goes behind or even with the elbow.
Cheetah, FYI, the term "flying elbow" is a golf term. Jack Nicklaus had a flying elbow - his right elbow, especially when he was younger. To my knowledge, I am the first and only one to apply it to tennis. I have never read or heard anyone else apply that term to tennis other than me.

A flying elbow occurs when a player, employing independent arm swing from the shoulder (irreconcilable with a modern forehand), raises the elbow up and away from the body in the backswing, and snaps the elbow back down in the forward swing. Lendl and Sampras did that. So did Edberg and a few others. None of the top pros do that as a primary forehand today. Some may lead slightly with the elbow on the backswing, but, that is not optimal, IMO. The time to lead with the elbow is on the forward swing, not the backswing.

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