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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Yes i know it's a golf term and i did say 'after separation' which means the arm is now moving independent of the body. If you look at sampras / lendl at the end of their takeback the elbow is back and the head of the racquet is in front of the elbow ie closer to left arm say. Pro today have elbow back but racquet head is behind the elbow.

Every male pro leads with the elbow. I've posted a lot of vids in this thread. They all lead w/ the elbow. I asked you to show me a vid of even one that doesnt.

If you hold the racquet w/ 2 arms in ready position and do a unit turn w/ both hands on the racquet how is it possible to not lead w/ the elbow?
Because when the elbow is in and forward, you lead the takeback with the hand.

Federer leading with the hand:

Nadal (with wrist extremely cocked) leading with the hand:

Djokovic leading with the hand (his elbow comes slightly away from his body):
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