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Default Another Vs Thread.

1. not insulting anyone. 2. not trolling 3. sincerely wondering what you guys think.

okay... Here's the scenerio 1. Donald Young is having and awful and rough times in these moments. Bad luck, poor training, maybe not good enough coaching? don't know. I do know he has a horrible streak. (maybe it will make him better player?) okay now in the other hand we have Carlos Moya who is dominating the senior tour in first place! with DOUBLE! the amount of the points of the person in 2nd person place who happens to be Mark Philippoussis!! leading the rakings by hundreds of points in front of Goran Ivanisevic, Marat Safin, Michael Stich and Tim Henman. I know Mr. Moya has some years a head of
Donald and Donald might be quicker and more physical and competing in the ATP (not trying to take credit of the effort Moya has to put on the court. but who would you give to between these two?

okay 2 conditions to make it fair. 1. Blue clay. 2. U.S. soil.

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