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Originally Posted by フェデラー View Post
That's exactly what the ITF would avoid if these "silent bans" are real. Could you imagine the damage to the image of the sport if one of it's biggest, most important players, Nadal, was caught doping? The "fallout" would be massive. He brings so much money to the sport, rivaled only by Federer, and if people knew Nadal was doping, a lot of people would lose money over it. Keeping the ban short means that he "learns his lesson" (no prize money at all), but the ITF cannot afford to keep him out for too long otherwise they would lose money from him not being at events.
I mean the impact on a top player, who earns far more on endorsements than on actual prize money, and who already has earned upward of 20 million.

So you are saying that if there is a public ban, or a silent ban of 6 months or more for a top player, then tennis suffers. So the only option is a short silent ban, which is more like a slap on the wrist. Totally ineffective since the player can continue using banned substances.
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