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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
Synth gut is high maintenance due to frequent restringing. I could hardly play two hitting sessions with full synthetic gut, because playability dropped significantly after 2-3 hours of hitting. And I quickly got tired of restringing every other day.

Full natural gut or some nat gut / poly hybrid will give you peace of mind for 20+ hours, if you are 4.5 or below. And will be economical too, unless you shank too much too often ($30+ string job will surely motivate you to watch the ball more closely)
I don't take care of my rackets enough to warrant gut. I leave them around the house and in the car. I play in sun, rain, or drive bys. (its Nor Cal so it changes every 30 minutes.)

Yeah... I went through an experiment on 3 of my rebels. All forten sweet 17. I was hitting with some GOOD 4.0s. I had to counter punch everything back and dig out rally balls for goodness sakes! Each racket... the string started moving pretty massively after 30-40 mins. I kind of don't wanna go back to synthetic lol. I'm thinking of going for mid priced synthetics and multis for less string movement.

Originally Posted by Ashley D View Post
Lol, Sans I bought a whole reel of BHBR based on your recommendation, and now you're leaving me out in the cold! I'm joking, obviously. I played with Head RIP control for many years and loved it. It frays, but doesn't seem to lose playability.
Ahaha. I am definitely going to try rip 16 and 17. Probably PPA as well just from mikelers thread.

Hows the BHBR treating you Ash? I miss it just thinking about it. What gauge?
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