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Originally Posted by Tieronesports View Post
All the contact information are available on our website. Looking forward hearing from you. (not sure if I am allowed to quote our domain..)
No need to post the link, it was listed earlier in the thread. I'm also fairly handy at this thing called Google.

Originally Posted by parasailing View Post

Sorry that I can not give you a straight answer. When we tested the Triumph string we gave it to people who usually play NXT Tour and they were very satisfied with Triumph. To be honest, we never tested it with people who usually play Biphase or Xcel Power. But talking strings with people over the past 2 years many consider Biphase the gold standard of multifilament strings - but then again strings can very much be a personal, subjective experience.

The only thing I can suggest is to give Triumph a try
Biphase is the gold standard during Phase 1 which only lasts a few hours. When Phase 2 kicks in, it is an uncontrollable mess.
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