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Originally Posted by dman72 View Post
but watch a WTA match even. Some of the top players aren't exactly in great shape. Kvitova has love handles, Serena ain't sleek. I think long distance running for tennis is way overrated.
This is veering off the topic a bit, but I'm sure Kvitova and Serena are in great shape. I doubt Kvitova really has love handles. What you see on TV is very misleading sometimes. I thought Safina, even in her short-lived hey day, had a fat belly judging from what I saw on TV, but people who actually saw her on court testified that she was in great shape. Maybe it's their non-flattering clothing.

By the way, I don't think long distance is good for tennis. Long distance and tennis use muscles totally differently. Judging from the body build of top tennis players, tennis is probably close to short-to-medium distance running (long distance=thin, lean; sprinter=muscular). Actually, this goes to the very topic that I wanted to raise in my OP.
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