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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
A lot of us actually like this simple, clean, uncluttered look. Two years back I visited a rival site, and was instantly turned away. Huge avatars, gifs for avatars, huge sigs, images in sigs etc. More noise, less content.

I also like the fact that the site takes up the entire width of the screen. Most sites today leave huge margins on the side for reasons I've never figured out. Results in too much scrolling.
I wouldn't worry too much, I don't think we're going to (re)enable animated gifs or anything like that. I participate on forums with huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge sig images, and it just ruins the discussion continuity. If nothing else, it'll be options available if the user wants to change the color scheme, but we'll see if this is even realistic.
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