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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
I'm flying out tomorrow with tickets for Friday (Day and Night) Saturday (Day - Men's semis) and Sunday (Championships).

Super excited!

Anything specific that I should know about going in or places I should eat? First time in the Cincy area in general for me.
Keep hydrating yourself. Depends your seat is in shade or not. Do not throw away empty bottle(s)/ as you can refill water at the water fountain outside the restrooms. I still cannot bring myself to pay $5 for a bottle of water (somewhat big bottle, but still)

Foodcourt has lots of choices. J-Gumbo's buffalo spicy chicken was good, but again tad expensive at $8.50.

Pizza slice is the best bang for buck at $4 and keeps you full for a long time.

Consider trying your serve speed at the speed serve booth near the food court.

Do not forget: cap, sports drink powder if you want to take it so you can make your own drinks with water fountain water, battery fan with mist if you want, neck cooling devices if you are very sensitive to heat. (I only had a cap but I am heat resistant)

You can line up near the player's exit to watch players up close.

After a big match is over, rush to ESPN booth as they will interview the winner there and the first few bunch of people will get autographs, if you are interested in that.

Keep a watch on practice schedules, the best way to find practice schedules is on the TV screen near players' entrance.

With a center court ticket, you can sit anywhere on any other court except in the box seatings at grandstand (and center court other than where you are supposed to sit of course)

Enjoy. It is one of the best things a tennis fan can do.

(if it starts raining, don't panic, it will stop in a few minutes and play will resume pretty soon after that, they dry up the courts real fast, enjoy the coo l weather in the meanwhile)
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