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haha. last night i was thinking you were probably referrring to backswing. i was talking about unit turn/takeback. from ready position while your are standing in athletic stance facing the net with 2 hands on the racquet. then you do the unit turn (takeback). if you have 2 hands on the racquet your elbow will reach the back first. then at end of unit turn/takeback you do the backswing. that is led w/ the hand as you say. The original issue i was talking about was that OP is in athletic stance then he cocks his wrist back immediately which points his racquet head back and THEN he does the unit turn.

btw, you should watch the virtualtennisacademy vids on ssc. he has 2 of them. one in video instruction and one in articles. they are excellent. the ssc is the motion that locknroll talks about w/ the drum.

fyi all my posts come with an implied "IMHO"
I use takeback and backswing interchangeably because, IMO, there should be very little if any independent arm swing during the unit turn back, or forth. The entire swing should consist almost exclusively of UBR and arm suppination/pronation. The arm only suppinates and pronates, it doesn't swing (much if any), from the shoulder like an old school drive. I like the way Greg has his wrist cocked back (flexed), toward him with his left hand on the racquet. But, I don't like the big loop he takes, with independent arm movement, as he turns back. He also suppinates somewhat during his unit turn back so that the racquet is tilted to the back fence (aside from the wrist being flexed), rather than straight up when he's ready to turn forward. If I'm not mistaken, I think that's your biggest criticism at this point. By doing that, he squanders some of the suppination/pronation snap generated when suppination is delayed until the hip turn forward begins (as described by the L&R guy), that you don't see on the WTA tour.

I think I understand what you mean by leading with the elbow. But, I don't like that description because "leading with the elbow" during the unit turn back can be interpreted to be the Lendl/Sampras flying elbow. As a practical matter, I don't think you need to think about leading with the elbow on the unit turn back. If I understand what you mean by that, it's automatic.

I tried to find the vids that you and Greg were referring to, but, I couldn't find anything.

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