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There's no doubt Gonzalez is under appreciated. Here's a man who was the top player in the world for many years. He defeated Trabert, Segura, Sedgman, Rosewall, Hoad, Cooper, Anderson among others on tour who are some of the all time greats. He won over 130 tournaments and even when he was over 40 he was able to win in the Open Era defeating guys like Roche, Ashe, Stan Smith, Newcombe, Connors among others in the Open Era. The man was 40 in the year the Open Era started.

He was smooth and a great athlete with possibly the greatest serve in the history of tennis. At worst Gonzalez is in the top five of all time and he very possibly is the greatest that ever lived. Jimmy Connors said that if he had one match for his life to play, he would pick Pancho Gonzalez to play it.

It was a crime that Gonzalez was so low on that Tennis Channel List.
You also could have mentioned Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall as Pancho's most prominent open era victims

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