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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I think I understand what you mean by leading with the elbow. But, I don't like that description because "leading with the elbow" during the unit turn back can be interpreted to be the Lendl/Sampras flying elbow. As a practical matter, I don't think you need to think about leading with the elbow on the unit turn back. If I understand what you mean by that, it's automatic.

I tried to find the vids that you and Greg were referring to, but, I couldn't find anything.
too bad you can't find the videos. they're excellent. and they guy demonstrating is the coach of an atp pro and on most vids a actuall pro is demonstrating what he's talking about. leading w/ the elbow refers to elbow reaches the back before the hand. it doesn't mean the elbow is 'doing' anything. it just means the elbow reaches the point first. this is how fyb refers to it and also yandell and also the virtualtennisacademny site.

There are no men pro's that i could find that c0ck the wrist on the takeback. This is also mentioned in the ssc videos on that site along with hd footage he provides in the articles. This is also mentioned on yandell's site. They don't flex the wrist in the unit turn like the op. And also in the site this is specifically addressed in more than one video as he goes into detail in a side by side frame of numerous pro in a side by side frame by frame comparison addressing specifically when the wrist gets cocked back. men on the forward swing and women on the takeback.

Below is an image from one of the videos where talks exactly about this.

Nadal's wrist is neutral all the way thru the takeback. Sharapova's is not. (the arrows/graphics on the image were not added by me. they appear in the vid as he addresses this point)

Just register to the site and go to the forehand revalations vid in the pronalysis section. There are others too in the video instruction section.

We'll have to just agree to disagree unless you view the videos in question.

The 'flying elbows' of sampras and lendl refer to the fact they have the elbow sticking out during the forward swing, not during the takeback/backswing/unit turn. (i think. hmm... maybe i'm wrong about that. not sure now that i think about it.)
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