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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Haven't been working on my serve much while I'm working on the forehand. But it's really getting on my nerves. Right now I'm practically just spinning it in to start the point.


Match Play

The thing is, why can I hit a decent overhead with pace, and not have the power on my serve? Is it a mental thing?
Net Play
Your serve has potential. I would recommend re-reading my posts above. It all still applies. The biggest bang for your buck will come from getting your toss more forward into the court. Most of your tosses would still land behind the baseline if you let them bounce. That's killing your serve. When you practice your serve, start with 10 minutes of toss only practice. Try to get the ball to consistently land at least 1-1.5 feet in front of your left toe. Then practice serving as if you are going to serve and volley. The intent to S&V may help get your toss forward.
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