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Originally Posted by LBR1 View Post
That's just brutal. Not seeing his movement as a liability, at least up until the top 7 perhaps. Maybe his first serve consistancy. But he has a great second to back it up.

The ROS is improving. Don't have the stat to show he breaks less than other players. I just think in comparison to his hold game, the return game looks weaker because it is of course. But weaker than average? Not sure.

His points are pretty quick, so how will that break his body down? Half the points are 1-2 it seems.

Starting to like watching him, when he gets on a roll especially.
The first part was a joke, albeit not a very funny one , I like raonic as well and his potential is obvious. As for not being a liability until the top 7 I slightly disagree, but I see your point. My post was made while thinking of what is holding him back from the top 10 and I do think that his movement and agility currently aren't enough at that level. I do apologize though, i didn't mean to offend
Why not enjoy the show?
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