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Originally Posted by cluckcluck View Post
He's not very fun to watch. He plays a little flat (energy). Backhand could have a little more sting though. He returns decent but it's nothing to keep his matches short.
He said that Sampras was his idol, which is why he tries to keep an outward emotionless appearance while on the court. He's not flat.

Also, you can't say his biggest weakness is everything but his serve and forehand. I mean really, you think he'd make it to the next level if EVERYTHING improved? No kidding, so would a lot of other guys. Tennis is all about holding serve, which he can do. One slip by his opponent, and they get broken. Bam, set over. If he has a good enough backhand to keep him in rallies until he gets a forehand, or can improve his movement to run around those backhands, hes fine. He can dictate with his forehand, and that's how he'll manufacture breaks. At his height, movement can't be relied on. It's just not natural for him, therefore he needs to compensate. Instead of extending rallies, he needs to shorten then. His backhand doesn't have the finishing power; something a limited amount of guys do have. No amount of work on it will make it offensive enough. He needs to find tactics that give him forehands where he has time to set up.
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