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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
True, but its nice to know I can get some extra bite if i can. I'm hoping dunlop hexy fiber has some good feel. If so it's probably going to be my string for price vs performance.

Anyone else have experiences or judgements on this thread?

Anyone have some feedback on these three strings? ** As fullbeds or mains please**

Gamma Ruff 16

Dunlop Hexy Fiber 16 or 17
My experience with "rough" multies (such as RIP) shows that it is little good if string surface is more rough or sticky because it prevents strings from sliding in the first place. That means whatever action on the ball is lacking from the stringbed, you will have to supply yourself, and this is tiresome labor.

Polys slide and snap back whether they are rough or sleek, because of harder surface and increased stiffness. The only thing that comes close in terms of effortless spin is natural gut / poly hybrid, because of elasticity (snapback) of the gut mains and slippery surface of the poly cross.
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