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Originally Posted by mykoh View Post
+1 on the syngut/poly hybrid. a multi/poly setup is pretty good too! i had biphase/blackcode on my exo3 100 and it was lovely.

i have a full bed yonex poly tour pro in my 95d and i don't think its for me either. not jumping off the bandwagon completely though, as i think poly/syngut is more my thang. experimenting with a few sets of tough gut and klip legend in the coming weeks though.
The only reason I'm jumping off the poly bandwagon is poor durability of poly mains (they die in 5 hours or less of hard hitting) and I don't have a stringing machine to keep them fresh. For me it makes more sense financially to pay $35 or so for 20+ hours natural gut / poly stringjob, given that poly cross will not affect overall playability too much (when they die in 5-8 hours).
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