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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
I think i'm just gonna go cold turkey. I haven't found better spin or lasting playability yet, but I'm honestly not on the level that i should be using it.

I've finally come to terms with my own humanity. Even as I type I have doubts that I will find anything close to bhbr, but I guess I should be 4.5+ for poly like everyone suggests.

I'm going to be glad not worry about equipment as much, THATs for sure.

I'm kinda scared about how to go about this. Just buy a reel of synth gut and live averagely ever after?

Wish me luck lol.
Well, I don't see any real issues in your post and normally I would say "why not just stick to poly then?" But I read in another post that you don't win matches the way you do with a multi, so in that case you don't have much to lose by switching away from poly. Use what works!
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