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Originally Posted by Zildite View Post
He is ranked 60th in % return games won, so not amazing.
Had his fair share of injuries already, short points or not.
Thanks for that.

I couldn't find that particuar ranking but I looked at the big guys I'm most familar with and compared two stats, not including yesterday but
Games that were broken, and games that were able to break, and the margin. Milos has the lowest % for broken and a better break % than Isner.

I don't know but would think that the greater the margin the higher winning % that is likely. Of course the ranking depends on which matches and torneys that are won, not just overall winning.

But Raonic's margin is just a few % point below the top big guys, and better
than Isner.

In order of last tour ranking:

Thomas Berdych
13% broken
25% breaks
12% margin

Del Potro
13% broken
26% breaks
13% margin

John Isner
9% broken
11% breaks
2% margin

7% broken
16% breaks
9% margin

14% broken
17% breaks
3% margin
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