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If you just change your toss, it is not going to help your serve unless you change other aspects of your serve to take advantage of the forward toss location. The key thing I see is that you toss to your right side and your serve currently gets all of the power from body rotation from the right leg stepping forward. So you are hitting weak slice serve. If you try to adjust by only moving the toss forward, you are going to fall over out of balance, if you continue with the current motion (due to a big right step forward to reach the ball).

Look at pros, and you see that they are pushing the front leg (left for righties) through the service motion so that their whole body weight is going into the ball (and not just the right leg). Because the pro is pushing the front leg forward, they balance by kicking the back leg back for balance.

You will also have a hard time this this because your shoulders are opening too soon. It is hard to change too many things in a motion at the same time, so it may help to continue with your motion, but rotating more prior to the serve (showing your back to the opponent) and toss way to your left and forward.
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