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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
pretty sure that wasnt me lol. I dont win matches with multi. bhbr probably literally doubled my serve percentage. having that teeny bit of extra spin with less effort increased my margin for error. which in turn let me move my serve around the box more. similar results on groundies.

BUT, i miss the feel of a nice consistent multi/synth. I'm gonna give hexy fiber a good long run on faith alone. I'll work with different tensions and see how far i get with it.
Oh, my bad. That was anubis & his thread talking about maybe switching off of poly, then you posted in the same thread saying you were thinking of switching as well & I mixed it up.

I wonder if a multi/syn gut hybrid would have slightly more spin than a full bed of multi, since the syn gut crosses won't stick or fray & hinder string snapback the way a multi cross would. Similar to how I find better spin poly/syn gut than w/a poly/sticky multi.

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