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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
At Eastbourne this year I added some lead at 10/2 position on her coaches request. She test 1 frame, and then I did the same to another 6 rqts. I think the weight was about 2 x 4g for each rqt. Her mum, who dropped off the rqts, said that they'd been matched in New York and were all the same. There wasn't any lead showing other than what I put on.


That would be really head heavy, with 8 grams at 10/2.

With 2 grams at the butt + leather grip + og + dampener, mine is already at 336 grams & 6.5 HL
Pacific X Force Modified (333g/5HL/333SW) + Solinco Tourbite 19 (1.10)
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