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Originally Posted by Kevin T View Post
Just had a buddy, also a home brewer of particularly good IPA, get the gout diagnosis. So far, so good for me but reading this thread makes me nervous.
Sorry to be such a downer. It's one of those things you get stuck on because it's with you all day. It's mostly genetic, so if you haven't had it yet, you're probably in the clear.

Regarding Obama and beer, I doubt he cares much about it. From what I've read, he was more into smoking weed and doing blow before he decided he wanted to become president. I read a great interview with a high school friend of his from Hawaii. The guy said Barry was famous for poaching splifs when they were passing them around and shouting "Intercepted!" His other signature move was sucking smoke off the ceiling when they hotboxed a car. Not much of a president, but was probably a pretty fun guy to hang out with back in the day...
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