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Originally Posted by anubis View Post
Sometimes I feel like a lot of us on this forum rely too much on our tools to get the job done. Let us not forget that spin generation comes firstly from proper technique.

I'm not an amazing tennis player, but I can generate just as much spin with multi as I can with poly. I don't know if its an illusion or a fact that its a tad easier to generate spin with a textured poly, but judging by my own skill level, I'd say its an illusion.

when I play with multi, I have no problems generating spin. so if that was my only criterion, I wouldn't select poly for that purpose.
Yeah, i know. This answer is common because its true to a certain extent, but i've felt the difference. I don't know what it is, but try bhbr 17 next to nxt. There IS going to be a major difference in feel and spin production. I just can't believe there isn't going to be a difference. You can even FEEL the extra bite. Its like using two nearly identical racket from two different brands, but one is 2 RA pts stiffer. It's going to feel different. Whether its the brand, the ra difference, or the manufacturing steps.

What i'm trying to figure out now is if there is a string out there with a decent compensation of assisted spin, low power, good feel, more comfort then poly, and has a decent price?

So far i've seen hexy fiber stick out of the crowd. Not many people have used it, but i'm willing to test out the compensation.

Gamma ruff has also stuck out, but i kind of don't wanna deal with stringing it, because i'm still kinda nooby at stringing lol.

All in all, I want to get off poly. Poly is a much disputed concept for the average level player and both sides have had enough argument for me to firstly jump ON the bandwagon and accept its massive playability. Secondly, to get off poly for detriments due to it just plain being bad for a player like me, who probably needs all the help he can get.
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