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4G Follow-Up

This is in reference to my original playtest, post #108

The racquet was strung on Monday night 8/13, the test was performed Tuesday evening 8/14.

As I previously noted, I perceived tension dropping during my first hitting session- I was struggling with overhitting in the second hour. My initial plan was to hit again on Wednesday, but unfortunately got washed out. I didn't have the chance to play again until today, Friday 8/17.

Right from the get-go the launch angle was way higher than I would like. (Given the strings have now been in the frame 4 days) My first couple balls were almost into the fence before I adjusted. It was like a totally different racquet, but it made me wonder if I had been slowly adjusting to the increasing launch angle even during that first session without fully realizing it.

Anyway, the racquet was still comfortable, as if the strings still had some sort of life in them, but it wasn't anything I would want to play with given the choice.

The bottom line is that I don't think I could find a tension that would allow me to feel comfortable across more than an hour of hitting, unless I was willing to play with a board for the first hour+ which I'm not.

Thank you to TW and Lux for the opportunity though!
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