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Originally Posted by Cfidave View Post
STRINGING: The string is unique champagne gold in color ( see pics ) . It looks to be a 16L gauge with average coil memory for a poly. The string felt soft and elastic right out of the package. Stringing presented no problems, crosses were easy as the string seem to have a slippery feel. I did not experience any kinking. I chose a two piece method, stringing top to bottom on the crosses. One of the easier polys to string.

TENSION: 50lbs mains, 48lbs crosses, full bed, constant pull electronic machine.

RACQUET: Head IG Youtek Prestige Pro 16x19, 354grams, 8pts HL

REFERENCE STRING: MSV Focus Hex Soft 17L, full bed.

GROUND STROKES: I am a USTA league and tournament player with eastern forehand and one hand backhand , aggressive baseliner, likes to hit hard, moderate spin, flat first serve, American twist second serve.
POWER: Flat ground strokes, both forehand and backhand had good pace with good depth. When hit in the sweet spot, I was rewarded with a nice “ thrack” . Off center shots lost a good bit of pace and were immediately evident by a fair amount of jarring. I would call this a medium power poly, less powerful then my reference string.
SPIN: Forehand and backhand topspin strokes had decent spin, but substantially less then my reference string. Slice backhands seem to have more bite and actually penetrated the court nicely. Since this is a smooth string, I found spin to be about average for a poly.
CONTROL: This is where this Luxilon string really stands out. I found I could hit out with complete confidence. The ball would find the corners and the baseline time and time again. Return of serve was an absolute joy, taking full swings on slower serves or chipping back harder serves, was no problem. Volleys were precise and could be hit with authority and still retain control. One of the better control polys I have played in quite a while.
TOUCH/FEEL: Drop shots, angle volleys, lob volleys, were all helped out by this string. I found nice ball pocketing from the string bed. This string does not appear to have “ hot spots” or exhibit any uncontrollable spring from the sweetspot.
COMFORT: The string felt somewhat stiff for the first 40 minutes of hitting, then played much softer and much more comfortable through out the play test. I would rate it as a moderately soft poly, not quite as soft as my reference string, but by no means as stiff as Lux Alu. I would not string it too much higher then my 50/48, in a full bed, if you have arm issues.
STRING MOVEMENT: None, and I mean zip.

SERVE: I hit serves in both playing conditions and also from a 100 ball hopper.
FLAT SERVE: I found the flat serve to lack my normal pace. I am usually around the 90-100mph range. I would say my flat serve was off by 5-7 mph on average. I was not able to get my normal pop on the serve down the “T” , or out wide. This was confirmed by my hitting partner. Placement, however, was very good. I was hitting my spots a larger percentage of the time.
SLICE SERVE The slice serve out wide in the deuce court, and down the middle in the add court, was about the same as my reference string. It had good spin, and placement was good.
KICK SERVE: I found my kick serve was not jumping up as high, or kicking away as much as I usually see with my reference string. I think the lack of some pace and spin probably account for this.

DURABILITY: The 4G string continued to play well through out the test period. This includes about 10 hours of on court time, 60% doubles, 40% singles. I did not notice the string going dead, or lacking performance.

TENSION MAINT: The string dropped about 4 lbs after 7 hours of play, and seemed to hold at this point.

LIKES/DISLIKES I like the control and solid feel of this string. I always felt confident hitting out on almost all shots. I also like the comfort and feel of this string. My main complaint would be primarily the lack of spin, and pop on serve. Big servers may not notice this as much, but I look for the string to help me out, at least a little. If I were to continue with this string, I might lower the tension a bit, or possibly use it as a cross with natural gut mains. The latter setup could yield a really nice powerful stringbed, with lots of control. Thanks again to TENNIS WAREHOUSE for the opportunity to test the string, and the great T shirt.

are you open level usta tournament player ?
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