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Full set or hybrid: Hybrid w/ Solinco Vanquish crosses

Tension used for playtest: 50/52

Regular string set up: Solinco Revolution/Vanquish

Racquet brand and model used for test: Dunlop Biomimetic Max200G

Power of test string: This string felt considerably lower powered than the Revolution I use. The pro of this was that you could take big cuts at the ball and keep it in. However, I found it took more to get the ball deeper in the court than usual. Serving also had much less pop on it but was easy to place and move around consistently. I really missed the free points that come with the extra power of the Revolution in my typical setup. Overall 6/10 on power.

Feel: This was a nice solid feeling string during play. Felt especially good when you are in the sweet spot and I didn't find it to be very jarring on off center shots. When volleying, I had good directional control and feel, some of which is probably due to the fact that I played it in a hybrid with a multi in the crosses. Groundstrokes also felt easy to move the ball around the court when needed. I liked the feel on backhand slices and it kept the ball consistently low. Overall 8/10

Spin: Nothing out of the ordinary here. Played like most other smooth polys. I typically play with geometric polys like Revolution or Tour Bite which definitely generate more spin. the string was effective on my backhand slice at keeping it low. There was a big dropoff in spin production on my groundstrokes, drop shots and kick serves. Serving was tough as I felt I could no longer get my second serve to kick up and come out of my opponent's strike zones a bit more. Overall 6/10

Comfort: During play, I found this to be a pretty comfortable string. However this week I have noticed more soreness in my shoulder and elbow than usual. I think some of this is a by-product of compensating for the lack of power by swinging harder. After I finished each hitting session, I definitely felt more fatigue in my shoulder and arm. Overall 6/10

Durability: Durability seems pretty solid. I have about 7 hours on the strings and they show little wear. Since they are somewhat smooth, they definitely aren't chewing through my multifilament crosses like a shaped poly does. Comparatively, they seem to be in line with the other polys I have played recently. Overall 7/10

Tension maintenance: 7 hours in, the strings are just now starting to move around in the string bed. Nothing major and they are easily snapped back into place. These were strung at 50 to start with and I haven't noticed a loss of tension large enough to impact performance yet. Overall 7/10

Control: String produced easily controllable shots. The lack of power created a bit of an issue for me with consistently keeping the ball deep into the court. Many groundstrokes were landing around mid-court where as typically I am able to keep the ball closer to the baseline. Volleying offered good control as did slices when I wanted to keep the ball low. Overall 7/10

Compare to the string you use most often: The lack of power and spin was immediately noticeable compared to the Solinco Revolution I typically have in the mains. I missed the pop on my serve and groundstrokes as well as the ability to play the ball into the back of the court. The Luxilon perhaps had a bit more of a "solid" feel to it but I would sacrifice that to gain the spin and power back. Comfort was also an issue as I found myself more sore and fatigued than usual after hitting with the 4G. Overall, this was an average playing poly that didn't do anything well enough to justify a switch, especially considering it will most assuredly carry a Luxilon price when it comes to market.

Tension recommendations: I thought my test tension of 50lbs was fine. I personally would not string it any higher than 50-52 as it was already making me sore. If anything, I would consider dropping it down to 49 or 48 since it seems to have decent enough tension maintenance not to immediately become a rocket launcher at lower tensions.

Likes: Color looks good in Max200G, very solid feel on contact, easy directional control and touch.

Dislikes: Very low power, lacks spin production of shaped poly, created more fatigue.

Overall this was a 6.5 or 7 out of 10 for me. It fit in with lots of other smooth polys that I have played with but was one of the most low powered I can remember playing recently. Luxilon 4G played as an average, all around poly. It does many things decently but nothing superbly. For me, this lack of standout performance characteristics (especially power and spin), coupled with the premium price point I'm sure it has would keep me from considering switching to it. Still, thanks to TW and Luxilon for the opportunity and for the t-shirt!
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