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This is what he says:

. Arm at 45 degrees to body. I can't tell if you're doing it not. Looks like maybe your angle is not enough.

. Wrist is neutral. you are definitely not doing that. your's is cocked back.

. Racquet is in line with arm and pointing up slightly. you are not doing that. yours is pointed behind your arm at a severe angle

. Palm faces down! You are not doing this. Your hand is pointed up. The opposite of where it should be.

. Racquet faces down. yours is up.

Also you right foot step in image 4 is in front of your left leg. It should be behind your left leg. Your step is giving you some sort of 'extreme open' stance. too much open.

Look at the following images. They all exhibit all of the above points and they all look pretty much the same.

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