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Racquet: Wilson KBlade 98
Tension: 53lbs, full bed

Stringing it was ok. I expected it to be softer than ALU based on the TW review, but it still felt pretty stiff. It was only slightly easier to string than the ALU. I would attribute this to a slightly slicker coating compared to ALU.

Playtest to follow

- Hit with it briefly for 5 minutes and put it down. Felt far too firm and uncomfortable. Will try to hit with it again today.

- Hit with for about an hour
Power of test string: Power seemed ok. I haven't been using any 1 string lately, but I would say it's lower than all the ones I have been using. Currently have a Still In Black playtest string in my other racquet. This is definitely lower in power compared to that. That being said, it wasn't anything where I couldn't adjust to. Definitely wouldn't expect this string to randomly launch balls. If it were to happen, it'd be user error and not because of any overwhelming power from the string.

Feel: The feel was very firm. Definitely didn't find it as easy for more delicate shots as compared to softer polys. The firm feel does translate to a more solid feel however when striking the sweetspot. Anything outside of the sweetspot was not met with good results however. Instant drop off when this happened and a bit jarring as well.

Spin: Average. Nothing more and nothing less. I don't expect round polys to generate anything extra so this was no surprise. I didn't find it hard to generate topspin, but it was not as if the string generated overwhelming topspin or anything.

Comfort: The first time I've ever had elbow problems as a result of hitting. This string was uncomfortable the first time I hit with it. After an hour hit I now have elbow pain. Needless to say, these 2 hitting sessions will be all these strings see for now. Very uncomfortable.

Durability: Some very minor notching after an hour. But I think this is normal. Cannot really comment more beyond that.

Tension maintenance: Not bad. Was actually hoping for it to drop off a bit to soften up, but is still very firm compared to when I first strung it. Can only assume tension has remained relatively stable.

Control: The lower power did translate to not overhitting, but resulted in shorter depth. I could control the ball, but it was hard to control the depth. If I had more time with it I'm sure it would be ok. As of now, it is just average.

Would not use it due to the inherent stiffness of the string and the ensuing results of tennis elbow. Other than that, just a very average string. Found ALU Power to play better and I'm not that big of a fan of that either. Prefer the softer co-polys.

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