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Full set or hybrid: Hybrid w/ Babolat N.vy 16 in crosses

Tension used for playtest: 52/54 (Assuming the 4G is a 16L tested initial tension with RT as 53.7)

Regular string set up: B5E / N.vy

Racquet brand and model used for test: Volkl X8 300

Power of test string: Potential power was down from my normal string even though I strung 2 lbs. less than usual. Interestingly the power level was adequate and very predictable even though the initial hits felt very board-like and stiff. After about an hour or so of singles drill, etc. the string bed became much less stiff feeling without losing any of the feel and control. So while this string was less powerful than some other poly hybrids I have used, the power level was fine and the consistent application of power far offset any loss of it.

Feel: Extra good. I really like the feel of Lux strings and this one doesn't disappoint. This string combined really well with the N.vy in my racquet. Volley, drop shot, slice off speed - all exceptional. Even though a Poly I felt very connected to the ball and was able to control pace, spin, and direction easily. I didn't find a shot that lost an appropriate response or feel. Off center shots didn't really register which was a bit of a surprise considering how stiff the string seems to be. I liken this string bed to a scalpel.

Spin: Perfectly fine for a smooth poly. I have been playing with a shaped poly lately and really like Lux rough; I didn't notice that I was being penalized for playing with a smooth poly. The strings are snapping back nicely over the silicon coating of the N.vy 16. The amount of spin was also nicely modulated here, which is a problem area with the shaped strings for me.

Comfort: As a hybrid anyway I haven't noticed anything out of the usual. Certainly not a comfort string, but nothing out of the ordinary for a quality poly.

Durability: I really haven't played with it long enough to determine, but I don't usual break a poly before it loses so much tension it is unplayable. I'll follow up on this...

Tension maintenance: Initial tension right off the stringer was 53.7. After about 4 hours of play I am reading 51.4 for a tension loss of 4.2% which is about on par for high quality ploys crossed with nat gut in my experience. So far so good. Playability has been very consistent since the string bed settled in after about an hour of play. I will take a reading after each session and update because tension maintenance is one of the attributes I am looking for with this string.

Control: Amazing. Other than maybe Lux Rough and Natural Gut in its honeymoon period nothing I have played with works better than this hybrid combo for my racquet and game. Easy control of direction, depth, and spin across a full variety of shots. Very predictable.

Compare to the string you use most often: I really like my current setup of B5E and N.vy. as a reasonably affordable hybrid. And I have played really well with it. This string compares very favorably to that set up. Less powerful but more predictable and a much better feel. A very solid hit that compliments my racquet. Also better off center than the B5E. If tension maintenance holds true with this string I would consider switching.

Tension recommendations: A starting point of 52 / 54 with an initial drop to 51.4 seems about right for me.


Likes: Very solid feel on contact even off center, easy directional, depth and spin control with touch. Very solid all around string allowing me to hit away or play a touch shot.

Dislikes: We shall see. Could be price? I will update after a match and some more hours of play relative to tension.

After four hours of practice and drills this string is an 8.5 to 9.5 out of 10 for me. I will update after a match.

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