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Originally Posted by craniopath View Post
retrowagen you wrote "Also, as with other "thinbeam" HEAD models, care must be taken when stringing, as the shape of the head can deform if strung hybrid or with varying tension between mains and crosses." do you mean prestige mid racquets by "thinbeam" Head models, I thought prestige mid are supposed to strung two piece. or is it ok to string two piece but with the same string and same tension?
I've been stringing my PC600s (both red and green/silver) and i.Prestige mids with two-piece hybrid stringing (Main-SPPP @ 53; cross-syn gut @ 5. I haven't had a problem with warping on my Klippermate. I have an Head Elite Pro coming in next week and I'm going to try it out with these same specs. We'll see how it goes...

Mounting is extremely important with Head racquets, even more so with a two-point mount like K-mate. Once the racquet is mounted I pull the vise bracket outwards just a bit and tighten the U-bolts with pliers. This should stabilize the racquet.
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