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Default Silent Partner Lite -- Pace ~4.2, Spin ~ 1.0 for now.

Originally Posted by njboy View Post
How do you guys set it?
SP Lite recently purchased. New user. I most want a reproducible slow ball. I use used balls that feel firm by hand, rejecting the softer ones.

Machine on baseline trying to get slow ball, easy height, to hit on the other baseline. No oscillation yet.

Pace: 4.1-4.3 (of 9.0)
Spin:1 (of -5 to +5)

Set the elevation to get the bounce close/ just past the service line as best I can.

At first I used higher 4 values, maybe 4.8, etc., can't remember, plus a spin of 2.0. It produced too heavy a ball for my practice.

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