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String first impression stringing-Very little stretch felt; only string I have that stretches less than this is my Ashaway Kevlar. I knew the string bed was going to be extra tight but I wanted to compare it to my usual setups without any other variables.

Full set or hybrid-Hybrid on one Racket with Solinco Tour Bite 16L, the other had the BHB7 mains.

Tension used for playtest-Normal 60lbs was used.

Regular string set up-Tour Bite or BHB7 or Genesis Twisted Razor or Ashaway Kevlar 18 Mains with either Scorpion or Silver String Crosses at 60lbs.

Racquet brand and model used for test-Donnay-x white 99

Power of test string-With such low stretch added to my crosses it really tightened up the string bed so there was a little loss of power. Since I swing out at every ball this doesnít affect me much.

Feel-A little less feel but I mostly come to the net to finish a point off except in doubles.

Spin-I hit very heavy spin so this didnít affect me much either, but did notice a little less jump on my ball.

Comfort-My arm has never been affected by Kevlar at high tensions so this was fine in the comfort area.

Durability-Since I used it for a cross string durability did not come into play after 6 sets. It seems like it would be a durable string, but not sure on how long before the playability goes out the door.

Tension maintenance-6 sets of heavy hitting and didnít feel much tension loss.

Control-The trajectory was very predictable and I was able to flatten out my shots especially on returns without fear of it going out; this caused my ball to skid more then usual which through the timing off on my opponents. I only know one swing speed and thatís full bore so I canít comment much on that.

Compare to the string you use most often-My flat serves were going in at a higher percentage and still with good pace; again they were skidding more throwing off my opponents that are used to my game. My spin serve did lose a little hop.

Ground strokes were lower in trajectory and I could hit out much more on my flat shots. A little less feel on touch shots but mostly when I come in Iím hitting out on swinging volleys. Most of my touch shots are used in doubles and I did have to adjust a little at first with the stiffer string bed.

Tension recommendations-For me and my game, I would lower my crosses about 3lbs to give them a little better feel and just a slight more power.

Summary-I like the tighter bed for my flat shots but miss a little of my usual spin. I was able to win all of my matches with the change of string, so it didnít throw off my confidence. In the end, I still over all prefer my current set up.

Thanks for test strings as I do enjoy the chance to find my next favorite string and I alway love experimenting.
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