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Full set or hybrid: Full set

Tension for Playtest: 58 lbs

Regular string set up: Babolat VS Touch/Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power

Racquet brand and model used for test: Babolat Pure Storm GT

Power of test string: The string felt more low powered compared to the Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power strings that I usually hit with and hybrid with my usual set up. The power with the serve was also not that great. What it lacks with power it makes up for in feel and comfort.

Feel: When playing the volleys it felt great. It was easy to control the direction and depth of the volleys on the court. the finesse touch volleys and drop shots felt much more effortless compared to the usual set up with big banger ALU power.

Spin: Creating spin was easy, although the sacrifice of power did make it tough to hit solid topspin ground strokes. However, the slice and slice volleys were decent. Not as great as other polys I've played with that are either shaped or textured.

Comfort: Compared to my usual set up, not as comfortable, however for a full bed of poly, the strings felt soft and comfortable. However, I've had played with full bed polys before, and soreness developed most likely due to compensating for the lack of power.

Durability: I've never had broken poly beds before. As with many other polys I've played with, durability is not an issue.

Tension maintenance: Interestingly enough, the tension maintenance of this string is awesome. Played with it for 5 hours after it was strung and another 5 hours the next day for a total of 10 hours and loss of tension was not noticeable as with other polys I have played with.

Control: The control on volleys were great. Easy to redirect the shots and add the right amount of touch. The control on the groundstrokes, both forehand and backhand, was tough due to the lower power. Could not consistently get decent groundstrokes due to compensating for lack of power.

Compare to the string you use most often: Compared to the Nat Gut and ALU Power hybrid set up it does lack in power and comfort. However, I think that this would be a great substitute to the ALU power string that I usually use in my set up due to it's soft feel and great control that would compliment my game.

Tension recommendations: Since I had it strung at 58, due to it's lack of power, I'd probably string it much lower from what I played with. Most likely around 50 lbs as a start.

Primary Likes: The better comfort compared to other polys and it's feel. It also had great tension maintenance.

Primary Dislikes: The lack of power was the big detractor for this string and not enough spin (albeit this is a smooth poly).

Overall, as a full bed, I did not like it. I feel that hybrid-ing with a softer string either a multi-filament or Gut would be a set up due to it's comfort and feel for a poly and better tension maintenance compared to other polys. When this hits the market, I will definitely try a set up of Natural Gut and Luxilon 4G and I think it'd be a great combination for a control oriented player.
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