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Before I give my review, I just want to thank Tennis Warehouse and Luxilon for allowing me to be a part of this rewarding string playtest. Also, thanks for the free t-shirt!

Stringing Process: I know that I am not the best stringer in the world, but these strings were quite easy to string. The crosses were noticeably easier to string, as they seemed to have more of a slippery feeling. I used a full bed of the luxilon playtest string. I strung at 56 pounds for both mains and crosses.

Regular String: full bed of Technifibre Black Code 16

Regular Racket: Head Youtek Prestige Pro 16x19

Power: Compared to my reference string, this string was less powered in general. There was a noticeable drop in power on off-centered shots. The ball would usually float over the net with little pace.

Spin: Compared to my reference string, my forehand and backhand had comparable spin. The backhand slice seemed to travel deeper in the court. There were no real surprises on spin, as this is a poly.

Feel: Compared to my reference string, the feel from the string was a little better. My touch volleys and drop shots were all had a little more finesse to them, but nothing spectacular.

Comfort: Compared to my reference string, the strings needed to be broken in a little after a fresh string job. The strings were definitely stiffer at first, but after about an hour of moderate hitting, they softened up nicer, and much to my liking. Some of it may be due to the higher tension for the string, but nevertheless after an hour of hitting, they felt great on my arm.

Durability: This set of Luxilon playtest strings played well during the 15 hours I’ve used them so far. The strings did not really go dead or anything yet, which is definitely a plus.

Tension Maintenance: The string was stiff after the fresh string job, but dropped a couple of pounds after about an hour of hitting. No noticeable drop since the initial drop.

Control: Compared to my reference string, the control I found on this racket was unbelieveable. I would be taking big swings at the ball, bigger than normal, and the ball would somehow find the sidelines and baseline repeatedly. Control on the serve and returns were also noticeably better than compared to my reference string.

Tension Recommendation: I would probably string it around 52 or 53 next time. I think that if I strung it lower, it would shorten the hour I needed for the strings to loosen up a little.

Likes and Dislikes: After this playtest, I have grown to like the control from these strings the most out of all categories. The next like in the list would probably be tension maintenance; it seemed to only drop a couple pounds and then hold tension from there. My main dislike would probably be the amount of spin I produced with this racket was nothing better than my current string. Although this really isn’t a dislike, I had higher expectations for the string category for this playtest.
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