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Tension for Playtest: 47 lbs (strung with electronic constant pull machine)

Full set or Hybrid: Full set

Regular string set up: Wilson Nat. gut full set 64lbs.

Racquet brand and model used for test: Head Radical Tour OS

Ease of stringing: about as easy as other polys an easy to handle string

Power of test string: Medium Power poly. Had good depth once I adjusted for this string. 4/5

Feel: drop shots and volleys A+ with this string, very good feel. 4.5/5

Spin: I am an old school more flat ball hitter but also spin when needed this string seemed typical spin for poly. Was able to produce more spin than my normal set up of nat. gut. 4/5

Comfort: Great comfort at the 47 lbs. I strung it at, but still not as comfortable as my normal set up of nat. gut 4/5

Durability: Tension maintenance:14+ hours and still performing nice. Great durability and tension maintenance , no string movement yet, so very resistant to moving! 4.5/5

Control: 4.5/5 A+ very good control string. This is a baseliners control string. This is where this string excells is control and tension maintenance.

Compared to normal string: Although a comfortable poly, not as comfortable as my normal nat. gut, and not as powerful, which was very much noticable on serves. Was able to adjust to this string even coming from a nat. gut string. This string did offer more control over my normal set up.

Tension recommendations: Seemed comfortable at the 47 lbs I strung it at, if I had to do it again I would string it the same.

Primary Likes: Control and tension maintenance/ durability

Primary Dislikes: Loss of speed on serves as compared to my usual set up of nat. gut. not quite the comfort of nat. gut but thats to be expected.

Very good string overall, as I was able to hit and adapt to it very well coming from an all nat. gut set up where thats a different animal.Thank you for the playtest.

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