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Originally Posted by tennisdad65 View Post
pull the plug on what? you spending money or her enjoying the game?

If she loves the game, never pull the plug. Now if the cost of private coaching or travel/tournaments is the issue, definitely pull the plug on spending. If she loves the game she will figure out how to become a great player herself. Hitting the wall, ball machine work, play with local club 'seniors' etc.. Lots of ways to become a great player without playing tournaments or private coaching.
One of the better players in our area pays for almost no coaching. He will play any junior or adult any time on any day. He doesn't have parents that have the means to pay top dollar. But he is such a good kid that several adult players in the area have helped him out. One donated his 4 racquets, another gave him a used stringing machine, a club hired him to work the pro shop, another is paying half of his 2x a week clinic fees. All his mother is left with is tournament costs.

There is a lot to say for "figuring it out on your own". This kid has proved his motivation and the community has paid him back for it. I take some pride when I read his HS tennis results in the paper and see how far he has come along.

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