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Wink 4G test

Hi Thanks for TW.
I try 4G couples days.

report below,,

stringing with Full set.
Tension used for playtest : 47lb
Regular string set up : 47lb, Gamma Zo Verve
Racquet brand and model used for test : Srixson Revo-X 2.0
Power of test string : Great! 8.5/10, almost same power level as ALU Power.
Feel : Crisp and sharp ball feel. I like more ball hold feel,,,
Spin : 7/10. good, But compair with Zo Verve, less that it of spin potentiality.
Comfort : Good 7.5/10. No negative vivlations.
Durability : ?? I use just two days,,,
Tension maintenance : ??, Just two day, no lose tension, I'll check a week later.
Control : Good, Have thin gage's fine control./
Compare to the string you use most often : more power, more control, more good feel. I love it without spin potentiality
Tension recommendations : I tried 47lb. But more high tensions are better I think. lower tension make it little bit sensitive feel,,
Summary: Good, I love it, I woory just price!

Thanks TW

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