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Originally Posted by Sid_Vicious View Post
Is it just me, or does Sampras exhibit some ridiculous foot-speed to chase down Agassi's swinging volley?

It is ridiculous that people claim that Djokovic/Nadal-like speed has never been seen in tennis before.

Some extra fun info about the vid:

-Go to 2:10 to see Sampras's feet completely miss the ground.
-Returning Clinic by Sampras.
To the OP, Sampras was running to his right even before the ball got to Agassi. He guessed that Agassi would go to the open court and ran to cover it. Agassi went for the open court and Sampras was able to get there. Don't see anything particularly amazing speed-wise. A good get on Sampras' part.

Originally Posted by Can't think of a name View Post
sure he's fast..but to be honest the video looks like its been speed up a little. I know Agassi's duck walk is fast..but not that fast
I don't see that the video was sped up. Even in the 90's they were hitting hard and running fast. Either of those two guys could play today and do well.
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