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Smile from mountain bike to road bike

Originally Posted by vive le beau jeu ! View Post
great thread !
i love biking too.

i do mainly mountain bike, although i'm not really into crazy dangerous downhill stuff but rather use it to get lost in the nature, do some exploration and picturesque climbs (the madrid sierra, where i've been living for the past few years, is really great for that).

i don't have much experience in road bike (only did 2 passes in the alps... something 10 years ago !), but i will get some more soon as i have a bike trip of several days planned in 3 weeks, finishing in the alps.
i now have a bit of experience in road bike !

the well-deserved col du Galibier:

the lunar landscape of the Casse Deserte, close to the col d'Izoard:

the col Agnel (the italian side wasn't a piece of cake !):

this Vitus bike was lent to me (as i don't have a road bike) and it was really a good one, even if the size of the frame was probably a little bit small for me...
also, first experience with clip-in pedals, which turned out to be fine... after some adjustment period !

it was a great experience... and certainly not the last !!!

only 2 points that i need to investigate before a future trip: a more comfortable saddle (ouch !) and the shape of handlebar for going downhill in the passes (for climbing it was ok). not being used to road bikes, i found it (the position of the arms/hands for braking) really uncomfortable compared to my straight mountain bike handlebar, even after riding more than 500 km... i guess there are other possibilities than the "classical" shape, right ?... some suggestions, maybe ?...
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