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Originally Posted by MomentumGT View Post
I've seen Ventre play quite a few times and that guy is a stud. OP has to have made some serious improvements to his game to make it some what competitive. I congratulate you on your hard work, effort, and progress! Keep kickin' a55!

I was going over this thread and noticed my comment there and was thinking to myself how confusing the later part sounded. I was meant to emphasize that this guy IS an inspiration. So often we're told how anyone can do anything which most of us know is crap, but if you have some skill and a with a little determination and hard work, results like the ones this is guy is putting forth are possible.

Add me to the short list of people who think he can get an ATP point. If you keep improving and do all the things you have to do -and you know what they are- and get lucky with the draw, yes I think it's very possible.
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