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Full set or hybrid: Full set

Tension for Playtest: 52/49 lbs

Regular string: Lux ALU Power Rough

Racquet: Volkl PB 10 Mid

Power: Below average. String felt Low powered.

Feel: Slightly above average for a poly. Softness of the string helped. No break in period was needed as with some other poly's.

Spin: Below average for a poly. Far less than my usual string and less than most other polys I've tried.

Comfort: Above average for a poly. I felt comfort was the strings strong point, helped with feel.

Durability: Looks to be good so far, but have only played with it a few hours.

Tension maintenance: So far looks to be very good.

Control: Control was good, again I think the softness of the string helped here

Likes: The comfort and feel. Appears tension maintenance will be good also.

Dislikes: The lack of spin and power I got from the string.

Summary: I thought the 4G was a good all around poly, but did not stand out in any one category. I would have preferred more spin and more power potential. The comfort would make it a good string choice for some of the stiffer more powerful rackets.
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