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Originally Posted by RCizzle65 View Post
Well my left groin has been hurting recently, I think it's been due to me adding knee bend to my serve, is that just due to me having a weak groin? Or not stretching?
I got an injury there. I had warmed up on the seated lat pull down machine using lighter weights (40%? 1 rep max.) and thought that I had warmed up all necessary muscles. Then I went to near 1 rep max. weight and gave a very hard pull. It was the only pull that lifted me off the seat and stressed the muscles/tendons that keep my trunk and upper leg at 90. I felt an immediate slight pain. These muscles had been missed in my warmup. That was the only time that I recall ever getting an immediate injury because I was not properly warmed up.

I did not know if I had a muscle/tendon pull or a hernia. The slight injury, just noticeable, lingered for almost a year, then it disappeared.

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