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Originally Posted by BHSC View Post

a 7.0 player is a player with earnings greater than expenses.

A 6.5 is someone who is on the tour, but doesn't earn enough to cover expenses.

As the USTA guidlines say, 6.0 is someone ranked above #400 as well as ITA Div 1 ranked college players.

All Division I guys are considered 5.5 or better
5.5 is the minimum self-rating for D1 players, but so what? NTRP ratings are meaningless for these guys anyway. In reality, guys at the top major conference schools (like the Isners and Johnsons and Devvarmans...) are 6.5-7.0, ready for the tour. Most rank and file guys on these teams are 5.5-6.0 (IOW, still too good for USTA league...). Once you get down into lower teams and mid-majors, there are no more aspiring pros, and the top guys are high 5.5 type players. The rank and file players are more like 5.0-caliber and some even lower. There is one guy around here who plays doubles only for a weak mid major school who plays 4.0 league in the summer. Really, he could compete at 4.5, but he's definitely not higher than that.
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