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Default Best Diet To Drop 15 Pounds

Hey guys, I know this has probably been discussed before, but I'm trying to get in the best shape of my life before I get too far off.

I have always played sports and workout every day in some way, but my problem is I've been a terrible eater most of my life. It has caught up to me as I get into my mid-20s, and I feel a little sluggish/overweight.

What I'm looking for are actual meal plans that I can use at home. I don't want to eat out AT ALL. I also don't want to starve myself. All the shakes out there seem cool, but I'm not sure if it's all marketing or if they actually work.

As I mentioned before, exercising is not the problem. I just need plans on how to eat the right way. Currenly I'd say I'm 5'11" or 6'0" and 190 lbs. Would like to get to 175. I figure with a proper diet and hopefully no injuries along the way, I can do this.
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