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Smile 4G playtest result

I am a male intermediate level player with top spin baseline both wing and slice backhand. I play both single and double.

Strung hybrid, Luxlion 4G as main at 50lbs and MCS cross at 53lbs. My regular setup is mamba iontec 1.20 @50lbs main and MCS 53lbs cross. The string job was easy on my regular racquet, which is Babolat pure drive GT.

Power of test string: intermediate. Compare to Iontec, it is lower, but does provide enough power and depth when take a full swing at the ball.

Feel: solid hitting in all shots, ground stroke, volley and serve. Slice is difficult to generate depth and pace, might need more time to get use to it.

Spin: inter medium. Lower compare to iontec. Wish it can be more spin when take a good swing on it.

Comfort: comfortable string. Has played 6 hours with this setup and had no issue at all.

Durability: 6 hours in single and double in 2 days and string still perform well. Not much wear on string and should be able to go long way.

Tension maintenance: After 6 hours of hitting, I start to feel the tension lose and string movement in racket but not in a significant way. It still performs well and I will continue to use it. I think it is as good as any string I have used in tension maintenance.

Control: this string excels in this category. I am very satisfied with the control in various shot. Ground stroke is very predictable and I had great success in passing shot during double. When I moved in to hit during volley, I was able to hit the winner or able to put the ball where I wanted without much effort.

Compare to the string I use most often, which is mamba Iontec 1.20, 4G provides more control, feel and comfort is about the same. Iontec generate more spin and power.

Tension recommendations: I am very happy to string up at 50/53 but would try to lower 2 lbs to see if the string can create more spin and power without sacrifice on control.

Summary: I like the control and feel the most with this string. With this setup, I can put the ball easily where I wanted. It is a great string for touch single player and doubles players focus more on placement than spin and power.
I would enjoy more if the string can provide more spin. Even when I had a good full swing on the ball, the spin coming out of it is moderate. I would love to have the ball jump up more fiercely and take the control of the point in that situation.

Additional Note: Played again in 2 singles matches with the string. feel stiffness in arm the next day. string started to move. spin and control start to drop. The string is pretty much dead and will cut out. So total hour of play is about 8-10 hours.

Finally, thanks to TW for the opportunity and free T.

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