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Originally Posted by Harry_Wild View Post
Coaches do not make a tournament superstar tennis player. Read the biographies of some that have made it! William sisters coach was their dad who learned about tennis from watching TV matches. Andre Aggasi in his book "Open" did not credit Nick for anything that made him a great tennis player! Now Brad Gilbert is the one that help Andre not Nick!

A superstar tennis player has the desire to win at all cost and the tennis talent to do it - in that order! Coaches probably can guide but cannot produce a top player; but it is the player who either wants it badly to commit all energies to that task.
Every great player had a superb coach. The Williams' sisters had Rick Macci. Agassi was around a wealth of tennis knowledge his entire life: remember Segura tried to do what Gilbert eventually accomplished. Talent without training and knowledge is useless.
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