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Here's a list of the league ratings for the team that won the "Open" National title last year.

Player Name NTRP Player Name NTRP Player Name NTRP
Jeffrey Appel 5.5 Kaes Van't Hof 6.5 Adam El Mihdawy 7
Stephen Bass 6.5 Jason Pinsky 6 Mariusz Adamski 6
Cory A. Parr 6.5 Todd F. Paul 6.5

Match for National - National Championship

Date Match Played:10/30/2011 Date Scheduled:10/30/2011 Last Modified:11/1/2011
Match Home Team:Eastern NYAC Nationals
Team ID:***** Vs. Visiting Team:Intermo Pop
Team ID:***** 3rd Set Tie-break
#1 Singles Adam El Mihdawy Completed

Vs. vicente Jose joli

7-6 7-6
#1 Doubles Kaes Van't Hof Jason Pinsky
Vs. Clancy Shields Luke Shields

4-6 0-6
#2 Doubles Cory A. Parr Todd F. Paul

Vs. Thomas Schoeck Leif Meineke

6-4 5-7 1-0
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