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Originally Posted by tennisoh View Post
When I said a diet, I didn't mean it in the sense of a crash diet. I was aiming for a healthy, sustainable diet that maybe had meal plans for single guys that were not difficult to make. One of the reasons why I ate out all the time is because I am not a good cook, and I frankly don't want to spend hours making food.

So I was just looking for quick, easy and healthy meals to make, instead of these crash diets and such.
I had higher hurdles to clear than you have set and got there with great ease...I was 235 and an inch shorter than you at age 57. At 59, I'm 170 and able to eat just about anything I want without adding back weight.

First, go to any nutrition/vitamin shop and buy a bottle of CLA gel capsules. Conjugated linoleic acid will jumpstart a metabolic breakdown of fatty tissues you are storing in your body. Then, to make sure you're fueling your body properly I suggest reading up on the theory of the Zone Diet. 40/30/30 is key to having a chance at staying on course for longterm health maintenance. They even have easy recipes and eating-out evaluations to match their formula for the best way to eat and have the proper energy to stay in an active lifestyle.
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