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4.5 all court player
Full set or hybrid: Full set, 2-piece
Tension used for playtest: 52 lbs. on a CP drop weight
Regular string set up: Dunlop Black Widow 52 lbs.
Racquet brand and model used for test: Dunlop Biomimetic 200 w/ leather grip

Stringing: Felt like a typical poly when stringing it. It hardly stretched when pulling tension, but still felt soft for a poly. Crosses were easier to weave than some polys but harder to weave than others. Coil memory was kind of bad. However, the string didn't ever kink while stringing. Will be playing with this setup for the next 3 days.

Review to follow.

Played for a little over 6 hours so far in both singles and doubles. Found this string to play great from the get go.

Power of test string: I found there to be good amount of power from this string. If you wanted it, it was there, but if you didn't then it wasn't. It was a very controllable power. Better pop than I have found with other recently played with polys.
Feel: This string offered very good feel for a poly. IMO it has the best feel of any full bed poly I have ever played with. Volleyes and touch shots were a breeze with this string. I felt very dialed in from the very beginning.
Spin: This wasn't this strings best quality. However, I never felt a lack of spin. There was just enough to give me the confidence to swing out. It doesn't have as much spin as some of the textured or shaped polys, but there was enough that I didn't have to change the way I hit to adjust. My kick serves were jumping up about the same as with most other polys, but not quite as much as when I am hitting with black widow. There were only a few balls hit that went long that would normally stay in with my normal setup.
Comfort: This string was and is still very comfortable. This has probably been one of the most comfortable polys I have played with. BW is also very soft and I thought the comfort of the 4G is quite comparable to that. I have yet to feel any pain in my wrist or elbow which happens every now and then when using a full bed of poly.
Durability: Durability is great! There is absolutely not notching at all. I don't experience that often with polys by this point.
Tension maintenance: Tension maintenance is outstanding. I feel no loss of playablility so far with this string. No movement in the string bed at all.
Control: Control is by far the best quality of this string (if I have to choose one). It delivers a very predictable shot on all strokes. Directional control was fantastic as I was able to constantly hit my spots. I have hit more winners recently than I normally do. Every shot felt great to hit. I especially enjoyed coming to the net to finish points off. Angled volleys were wonderful because I felt very connected to the ball when placing it.
Compare to the string you use most often: This string compared well to BW, but has better tension maintenance and is a little more predictable. I felt 4G has slightly more power than BW. BW is a little softer, but both are very comfortable to play with. BW also has a more spin, but that spin can be a little unpredictable at times. I got better feel and overall control from the 4G. 4G is also a lot more durable than the BW. By this point the BW would have a significant amount of notching where as 4G as none at all.
Tension recommendations: For me, 52 was perfect. It gave me a great amount of power and control and seems to be holding tension quite well.
Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.: I liked everything about this string. So far it has been just about the best poly string I have played with. If it holds playability well into the 10-12 hour mark then this string might be a winner. The feel and control I have gotten from 4G has been best of any poly I have played with. It suffers a little in the spin department, but I never felt a lack of spin. There was always just enough to keep the ball in play while still hitting a fairly heavy ball. The only downfall that this string might run into for some people is the price. Other than that it is an awesome string.

Thank you TW and Luxilon for this opportunity! Hope this review helps.

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